We are The Unrecorded.

Home (Unrecorded Remix)

Here is another remix. This one is of the song Home by the band Zero 7:

Download: Home: Unrecorded Remix (mp3, 4.8 MB)

Hustle (Unrecorded Remix)

Andrew has remixed the song Hustle by the band Tunng:

Download: Hustle (Unrecorded remix) (flac, 18 MB)

In The Bleak Midwinter

We've recorded a version of an old Christmas carol. It's here if you'd like it.

Nude Remix!

Andrew has remixed a song called Nude by a band known as Radiohead as part of some sort of big remix thing. You can listen to it and even vote for it here.

New Song!

Deep Blue Sea (mp3, 5 MB)

We hereby unleash this song from our forthcoming EP. It is based on an old American folk song, and was inspired by a very nice version played by the band Grizzly Bear. We hope you like it.

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